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Uttam Pegu
by on September 24, 2019

Recently, I saw a Facebook Update about some criminals getting apprehended by Assam Police. Among those arrested criminals, I saw a name Rakesh Pegu. I was really surpised to see a Mising name among criminals. Though I have seen Mising names in news papers among accused of being corrupt, but I have not seen many Mising names among criminals. 

So, I asked around few known people and was informed that one Rahul Pegu is the pioneer in ATM lifting in Assam and North East Area! What  a shame.

Mising people have been known to be one of the most law abiding people in Assam so far and is among few tribal groups in North East India which do not have active aermed insrugent group. 

But these criminals bring in bad name to Mising community as lets hope we work together to discourage Mising youths to go astray and take up criminal activites. 


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