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Manoranjan Pegu
by on September 21, 2019

A brief History?

  • Formed in 2008, by a single person
  • 2009- The core team expanded into 4 members
  • 2016- Went offline (due to financial strain)
  • September 2019- Relaunched with own costs. (A small crowdsourcing campaign is ongoing- if you want to be part of it or contribute then write to manoranjan.pegu@gmail.com

So in that sense, we call this version, MO-2.0 . 

What is this site about?

The idea behind formation of the misingonline.com (called MO in short) is to to provide a platform to the young, conscious and educated group of misings to actively interact, share and discuss key issues of the Mising community. MO is a combination of all social media sites, like Facebook and WordPress. An user can not only create accounts, add friends, share pictures, updates but also could write a dedicated blog and can even share music. The site, in doing so, became a true repository of Mising cultural knowledge. 

Who can sign up?

Ideally everyone can sign up but it will be monitored by the administrators. We are for now limiting the sign ups only to the Mising folks. Non-misings, with true sincerity and understanding of the community are encouraged to sign up too. 

To access empirical data (which will soon be launched in the site)- one will have to directly write to either one of the administrators. 

Are we limited to online space?

While considerable amount of work will be done online, we will also be conducting offline activities like we have done before in our initial 8 years of existence. 

Some key successes we achieved in MO-1.0 are

  •  We engaged in gripping debates on the Mising community and published various articles and interviews surrounding the ‘spelling debate of Mising v/s Mishing’ in the community.
  • We also proactively engaged in issues of foundation of Annex Campus of Tezpur University in Telam area where we took the issue to Prof. Mrinal Miri, then Rajya Sabha MP, who wrote to Tarun Gogoi, the then CM of Assam to resolve the dispute related to funds and land allocation for the campus.
  • Besides this, various PhD scholars undertaking researches on the Mising community contacted the MO team regularly for official confirmation of knowledge. 

Some future plans and how you can contribute

  • Digitizing Mising literature and Literature on Misings- If you find articles, newspaper clippings either in Misings or about Misings, do scan and share it here. Dont just discard them. We shall seek to become an online repository of Mising knowledge. 
  • Making the site Billingual - We plan to make this site both in Mising and English. We need translators/volunteers who are adept in Mising langauge to work with us.
  • Developing an app for the site- In one of the longer term plans, we plan to develop an MO app and launch an android version of it to expand our coverage and reach. But it is expensive, if you are willing to contribute, write to the author of this blog. 
  • Fact Check information on Misings- Online knowledge can be damaging and can generate stereotypes. Much of the literature on our community is either glorified versions, fake narratives or sometimes just blatant lies. We need to fake check this and correct it. But it wont do itself. We will have to do it as a team. You can volunteer with us in this initiative or point to articles which you think need fact checking 
  • Run campaigns- We are political (not be confused with electoral). We will campaign for the better rights of our community and support initiatives on 6th schedule movements, flood reliefs, education and for just and equitable society. You can join us in this campaign. 

We plan to do much more than what is mentioned above but these are immediate objectives. 

What are we?

  • We are a non-profit, not here to make any money or revenue out of it, but with sole objective of documenting, archiving, and transforming the knowledge on mising community, by providing a platform for vibrant discussions. We are driven by our passion for our community.
  • We dont take external funding support, and are currently limited only to individual donations, from our community members.